Jan 22, 2014

Has it really been two years?

Has it really been two years since I have posted? To be honest, I was avoiding posting here because of some of the other posts I had and unexpected life changes. I deleted a bunch of posts and feel a lot better about using this again. So where to start?
In August, I graduated nursing school and got a job at St Mark's Hospital working on the medical/surgical floor.

To celebrate graduation and our 2nd anniversary, we took a trip with some of our close friends to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We spent a week and it was a blast!

Josh married the love of his life in August. These three girls are his world and we are so grateful for the happiness they bring to Josh and our family. I wish they didn't live so far away in North Carolina. They are expecting a little babe in August and I can't wait for them to add another niece or nephew to the family!

During the summer, I completed my first sprint triathlons. It was such an accomplishment for me and I can't wait to do some more! This summer was all about completing without dying, maybe the next one I train for will be for a better time!

Our biggest and most exciting announcement is that we are expecting a baby GIRL June 2nd. We are beyond excited and I am OBSESSED with everything baby. I can't wait to finish the nursery and hold a sweet little girl in my arms rather than on my bladder. :) These pictures are from our 15 week gender scan, it is incredible how much she has grown since then and I love seeing the progress she makes. Every scan we have had, she keeps her hands by her eyes. She is so snuggly, I just LOVE her.

I will be trying to update more often then once a year! Especially once baby is here. XoXo.

Feb 16, 2012

the day of LOVE

I absolutely LOVE being in LOVE. This year was the best Valentine's Day I have ever had!

I came home from school to find this in the entry way...along with a clean house and dinner ordered from Olive Garden.

This is the floral arrangement Garth had made for me. It is beautiful! He put callalilies with the roses since they are my favorite flower as well as our wedding flower. SO thoughtful!

I heart-attacked the house before I left for school. Mister certainly thought it was such a fun game to try to shred the hearts as I cut them and then pull them off the wall once I put them up. (Notice there are none close to the ground) The whole house was dotted with red hearts!

I made this last year and loved the look with the candles glowing. One of my favorite crafts.

The morning after, I attempted to make Garth pink heart-shaped pancakes. The pink color came out alright however, the hearts were really difficult to make. New tradition! 

Aug 26, 2011


Honeymoonin'....what a splendid way to spend a week with the new eternal companion. For our first week as a married couple we chose to go to Big Sky Montana. We rented a private cabin and headed up the day after our wedding. We planned out a pretty busy schedule so we would be doing something almost every day however we ended up sleeping so much! We only left the cabin twice. Planning a wedding and then actually getting married had completely exhausted us. It was so nice just to relax with each other and not worry about curfew or any drama. We grilled every night and took advantage of our own hot tub multiple times in the day. The weather was perfect, 70s in the day and 30s at night. There were a couple rain and hail storms while we were there which was AMAZING to watch with our view. While we were there we went hiking to some beautiful water falls and also went to West Yellowstone. I was so determined to see a bear at West Yellowstone, however we only saw a few Elk and a Bald Eagle. To make up for our disappointments, we went to the Wolf and Bear Center. There were a couple bears and HUGE wolves out...it was way fun to see them even though they were behind bars. We came home from our trip the next Saturday to find out my brother had gotten engaged. I am so excited to
have Melissa join our family and have another wedding right around the corner. It was a perfect way to end our honeymoon. Our week of relaxation together started our marriage out just right!

Our view during a storm

KISSY kiss during a hike

Ousel Falls
Cutest Wolf

The bears that look like Grizz

The picture says it all!

Aug 25, 2011

dads are so special

As I was going through my wedding pictures last night, I came across this picture of me and my dad at our daddy-daughter dance. I couldn't help but cry when seeing it as my dad was going to be in surgery today. For the past few months my dad has been having some pretty bad chest pain, he was even admitted into the hospital to run a lot of tests to try and find out what was wrong with him only for that hospital to tell him that he was in perfect health (IDIOTS). 2 days ago, he wasn't feeling well again and a good friend had my dad take his private jet to a specialty heart hospital only to run many more tests. It turns out my dad needed open heart surgery-a triple by-pass...the next morning. The surgery started at 6:30 this morning and he just got out, so far so good however he will be in the ICU for a couple days. I love my Dad more than anything and I can't imagine ever losing him. He has done so much for me and I am very grateful for all the hard work he does. We are so lucky he has good friends, family and loving Heavenly Father looking over him. LOVE YOU DAD!

Aug 24, 2011

for eternity!

July 22, 2011 Garth and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the
Salt Lake City temple. It was such a perfect day! My family and I stayed at the Grand America
the night before the big day. It was such a nice hotel, a great way to relax! The next morning I woke up as calm as can be, one of the besties (McKenzie Guymon) came over to help me get ready. We ordered room service for breakfast and even though I only ate about one bite, it was delicious! We headed to the temple and were a couple minutes late...My sweet hubby thought I was a runaway bride! We had Grandpa Stenquist seal us at 11:40. The ceremony was
so spiritual and left us with feelings that we will never forget. After the ceremony, Garth accidently followed the wrong men and was lost from us for about 45 mins! We all had to tease him for being the "runaway husband".

After we took a bunch of BEAUTIFUL pictures on the temple grounds, a limo picked us up to take us to our luncheon in Logan. The limo was a wedding gift from my sister in law, Rachel's father
(SO nice of him!).

Garth and I were SO hungry and HOT while we were taking pictures, we were so excited to get to the luncheon. At the luncheon, we had dutch oven potatoes and chicken. It was so yummy! We were late getting there so had to hurry and eat and head on to the reception center for pictures. The reception flew by. We are very blessed with so many supportive friends. It was nice to see everyone, even though we weren't able to chat long we appreciate every one who made the effort to come. Before we knew it, it was almost 9 so we cut our beautiful cake and had our dance. We left our vehicles at home in hopes they wouldn't be vandalized so when it came time to leave and I was told that my truck was outside, I knew that some damage was done. However it was decorated PERFECTLY! Nothing to be upset over and nothing that would delay us getting to our hotel. The only delay was that Garth had forgotten his bag at his parents house. By the time we had picked up his bag, I decided that it was time for a big, ice-cold diet coke. Garth was so sweet to get me one only to realize his wallet was MIA, as well as all of his clothes he wore to the temple. We got it all figured out and then Garth surprised me by taking me to the Anniversary Inn. The room was so nice! We walked in to the room to find rose petals all over the floor with candles softly glowing, champagne glasses filled with hershey kisses, sparkling cider and cheesecake. It was the most PERFECT way to end the most PERFECT day. I love Garth more than anything and can't believe how much my love grows for him daily. It is crazy that I have been married to my best friend for a month. It seems like all of this happened yesterday. LOVE YOU BABY
My beautiful flower girls and CUTE Teague

Garth's AWESOME grooms cake
Garth's Family
My Family

The vandals in action!

The perfect end of our perfect day!